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Dive Into the New Age of Automation & AI

Our Capabilities

AI & Digital Strategy

  • Strategy services to develop your AI/ML and Digital Strategy & Roadmaps  for your enterprise based on your mission needs 

  • Design services to generate Value Maps, Journey Maps,  Prototyping, Cx Insights. Voice of the Customer, and Stakeholder Engagement

  • Help establish Centers of Excellence (COEs) for Data Modernization, Automation & Gen-AI

  • Develop compliance approaches to ensure for Responsible and Explainable AI

Learn about GenAI adoption and the path to production of GenAI solutions from our whitepaper. 

Data Intelligence

  • Semantic Intelligence for IQ reporting, Actionable Insights, Monetizing data and AI/Gen-AI assets

  • Enable Data Availability and sharing with Datamesh, Pipelines and Data Operations

  • Data collection, Cleansing, Analysis and Workflow at the Edge for Edge Intelligence

  • Data Management, establishment of Data Domains, and Governance

  • Resilient DataOps Architecture for Observability, Orchestration and Pipelines

Gen-AI enabled Data Engineering services; Co-Pilot, Chat with your data, Prompt based query and pipeline development. 

Gen AI for Enterprise

  • Conversation AI (Voice & Text) for Customer Service, Knowledge query, Search and Summarization using LLM and NLP/NLU 

  • Data Science services for Model Development, Fine Tuning, and Model Performance

  • AI Engineering for Synthetic Data Generation, Data Labeling, Prompting, AI/LLM Ops and Monitoring

Proprietary Gen-AI agile SDLC with integrated technologies, pre-built embeddings using advanced RAG & Prompt techniques, Governance and Monitoring

Intelligent Automation

  • AI Enabled bots to automate processes, human actions and act as Digital Twins 

  • Solutions for Intelligent Document Processing, Cyber and Test Automations

  • Establish Intelligent Automation Center of Excellence across an Enterprise and enable Citizen Development

UiPath certified personnel that can provide end-to-end automation lifecycle support from Assessments, Bot Development, to Deployment and Maintenance


  • Modernize systems and migrate to the cloud with Full-Stack, Cloud Native, and AI/ML App Dev

  • Gen-AI enabled SDLC to accelerate development, testing and augment tech teams

  • App Modernization through Microservices & Containerization

Agile full-stack cloud native development using modern design pattern like Domain Driven Design and Continuous Architecture


Platform Engineering

  • Automation support for Infrastructure as Code, DevSecOps, Cyber and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

  • Data Pipelines and ELT (Extract, Load, Transform) development

  • Cloud-native platform design and deployment (Landing Zone, IAM, ITSM, ...)

  • Support for CloudOps, DataOps, and AIOps

Our platform and full-stack engineers are cloud certified and trained on modern tech stacks, frameworks and approaches

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Our services and solutions are made available within your enterprise and delivered using our CxD approach that combines Human Centered Design, Technology and Agile Delivery with a relentless focus on outcomes and value delivered.

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