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Our Mission

Inspire and Enable Digitalization with Automation & AI for every Enterprise

Our Story

Node.Digital LLC is led by industry leaders with an Engineering DNA and deep experience in building autonomous digital systems.​ We support both commercial and governments customers allowing us to leverage best practices from any domain

Our proprietary Customer-Driven Design approach, CxD,  combines Human Centered Design,  Technology and Agile delivery to ensure customer mission needs are always met and accelerate their realization of "Value".  Our team's  strong emphasis on understanding each customer's value chain and KPIs underpins the delivery of our services. 

Our team is composed of leaders who have led transformative efforts that delivered meaningful value for customers. Members are carefully selected for their technical capabilities, ability to thrives in a team-based environment,  and desire to participate in large-scale impactful programs. Reach us to learn more about our Automation & AI Services  or if you have complex problems that require innovative out-of-the box thinking. 


Doug Cheek

Board Advisor


Michael Bonnette



Arindam Banerjee


Rick S_edited.jpg

Rick Sullivan

Board Advisor


Vikram Gadang

Chief Architect

PY 2.jpg

Prakash Yarlagadda



Michael Brennan



Alice Bottcher

Dir., Growth

Experienced Leadership

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